NFL Draft Player Profile: Chris Orr | Wisconsin

While he's not a lock to be selected in the 2020 NFL Draft, Wisconsin linebacker Chris Orr will land somewhere in the NFL, given his experience, ability, and a lack of depth at middle linebacker in this year's event. Orr projects as a late-round pick in this year's field, although inside linebacker may only have a half-dozen selections in the entire Draft, leaving plenty of opportunity for Orr to prove himself in camp and earn a spot in the NFL should he go undrafted.

Here's what has to say:

Orr is an early down inside linebacker with plenty of toughness, but he's lacking the physical and athletic attributes teams expect from the position. His instincts and play recognition take him where he needs to go and he leverages his gap with eagerness. Unfortunately, big guards can swallow and sustain blocks against him. The lack of athleticism and speed hinders his functional range and is a major concern. The sack total is nice, but likely irrelevant as a pro since he's unlikely to be on the field on passing downs even if he were to make a team.

Whether he gets picked or not, Orr will get his shot, as several Wisconsin linebackers before him have already carved out places across the league.

Photo: / Wisconsin Badgers