Walk Down Memory Lane On The Steve Czaban Show's One Year Anniversary

97.3 The Game has been on the air for a year and a half but today marks the one year anniversary of when Czabe joined the team. The Steve Czaban Show has featured Josh Albrecht since the beginning although some of his biggest mistakes came early on in the show's history, Czabe kept him around and with the addition of Czabe's long time friend and former producer Eric Gitter joining the team they have made some amazing segments and memories over the last year. Below is a montage of some of the most memorable moments from the Steve Czaban Show through one year.

In order the short clips are...

Czabe's first intro, Josh saying Ric Flair died, Eric of Grafton on Bridge of Death, Josh asking Mason Crosby for the "Double Deuce" celebration, the yelling lady on the plane, "Kidz Bop Karen", "I'm On A Train in A Mall, Czabe vs Heller on replay, the naming of the "Shy Karl" fart, first Box Score Billy, bring your ass story, Sunburn bowl welcome, and Harrison Ford flying.

(Left to right) Gitter, Czabe, Josh.

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