When Bad Decisions Get Worse

Bad decisions are a part of life for everyone. The big part is learning from them and making sure you do not repeat bad choices. And obviously most people make questionable decisions when they are younger and hopefully less as you get older. And I present to you 20 year old Quinn Jamieson of Scottsdale, Arizona. Jamieson was attending the PGA Tour's Waste Management Phoenix Open over the weekend and decided he would procure some alcohol without paying for it - bad decision number 1. When confronted by officers, he chose to run - bad decision number 2. Then to elude the police he decided to climb over a barbed wire fence - bad decision number 3. He probably thought he was in the clear once he got over the fence, only to realize he was now in a canal and could not get out until the Scottsdale Fire Department had to rescue him. He now faces charges of theft, disorderly conduct and other related charges. Hopefully Jameison can learn from his bad choices.

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