Best And Worst Of The Weekend

Every Monday Czabe likes to fill his listeners in on the best and worst stories he saw over the weekend while scrolling through Twitter and other social media platforms. We start with the best.

First up was the ABC opening montage from the NBA Finals. Czabe said, "I want that ABC open to the Finals set to Stevie Wonder's Higher Ground melted into a hot liquid and injected right into my veins. WOW! Incredible production."

Next was a video someone made of Anthony Joshua's soul "leaving his body" after getting beat by the now new champion, Andy Ruiz.

The final "Best" thing Czabe saw this weekend came from Rex Chapman on Twitter who always asks, was it a block or charge? In this video it features a groom throwing the bouquet to all the single men followed by them running away like he just threw a live grenade.

First up for the "Worst" things Czabe on the internet over the weekend was a video of a cruise ship crashing into a port in Italy.

Next up was Steph Curry being asked about being Finals MVP after the NBA Finals is only two games in.They haven't even taken a lead in the series yet and the media is already asking him about being Finals MVP.

Finally Czabe brings boxer Andy Ruiz back in but this time under the worst things he saw on the internet. He couldn't help but point out this unflattering photo take during his fight against Anthony Joshua.

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