Who Had The Best/Worst Moment Of The Weekend?

There was a lot going on this weekend, and it made us think of who had the best/worst moment of the weekend. We will start with Brooks Koepka who won the PGA Championship but had an embarrassing moment with his girlfriend where it looks like she goes in for a kiss and he denies her. It made for a very awkward moment that the internet will not soon forget.

Then there is the Game of Thrones fans. Game of Thrones is one if not the most popular television programs in history but fans were NOT happy with the last episode or last season in general as the series came to an end.

Finally there is Bucks fans. The Bucks won game 2 in easy fashion but lost in double overtime in game 3 to the Raptors in Toronto. Despite the Bucks loss. Fans are still feeling pretty positive about the series after the loss.

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