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The NFL Deserves To Be Punished, But We Are Powerless

The Packers-Vikings game was un-acceptable on multiple levels. To begin, "the horseshit roughing call to decide a game" has already come home in just Week 2. Blame it on the league's over-reaction to Anthony Barr on Aaron Rodgers a year ago. Oh, the irony. Furthermore, the NFL remains the only major pro or college sport in America that not only accepts TIES, but actually changed two rules which has induced even MORE of them. Lunacy. My reaction to this game, the Redskins laying an egg at home to the Colts, the state of the "broken" relationship between the Skins and the fan base, more NFL Week 2, blackjack, GGG v. Canelo 2, #fademurray, Weather Channel "flop." LIVE (sorta) from my hotel room in Vegas before a red-eye home!

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