The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker

The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard & Rob Parker

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Rob Parker Says Steve Kerr is 'Enabling' Draymond Green's Illicit Behavior

Rob Parker: “I always thought Steve Kerr was level-headed, thoughtful, appreciated the good things in life, and pointed out the bad things, but when it comes to Draymomd Green he loses all objectivity. I finally found out that Steve Kerr isn’t the guy that I thought he was when Draymond Green went unpunished for sucker punching a teammate in Jordan Poole. The reason they didn’t suspend him is because they didn’t want Draymond to miss the ring ceremony for the opener. REALLY?? If he would have punched Steph Curry out do you think that would have happened? C’mon man. Then they didn’t blame Draymond, they blamed Jordan Poole and said it’s his fault. The reason Draymond is who Draymond is – is because the Warriors have been enablers. They’re driving their alcoholic uncle home and he has to stop off at the liquor store and they pull over. How many times?? You remember the last time he got suspended by the NBA and Joe Dumars in the league office said it was because of his 'priors'. He has a laundry list of priors. How many times are they going to keep doing this? I get it, Draymond is a unique player, he’s helped them win championships, but at some point he’s hurt this team. The reason they probably didn’t beat the Cavaliers when the Cavaliers came back from the 3-1 deficit was because Draymond kicked LeBron in the groin and got suspended. They probably didn't win a couple more championships when Kevin Durant was there because he undressed Kevin Durant on the court and called him the ‘B-word’ and Kevin Durant bounced when he could have stayed in Golden State. They allowed this guy to do a podcast during the playoffs last year. He’s helped you but he’s hurt you a lot. Say what you want but he’s the reason why Kevin Durant left, there’s no doubt about that. They’re the only team in NBA history to choke down a 3-1 Finals series lead—thank you, Draymond. Steve Kerr was making the point that Rudy Gobert was ‘choking Klay’ but we couldn’t really see that. The Warriors should be more loved by NBA America, and Draymond is another part of that too. For all that they have accomplished as a dynasty, Draymond makes it hard to want to see that team win. He’s just that kind of guy. The Jordan Poole thing might be one of the worst things I’ve ever seen where a guy was able to do what he did, and not pay any consequence. They wouldn’t even call it a suspension they just said ‘Draymond stepped away from the team.’" (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Rob Parker of Fox Sports Radio’s The Odd Couple call out Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors for ‘enabling’ Draymond Green's unrelenting clownish on-court behavior over the course of his career that has result in him being one of the most frequently suspended players of his era.

Check out the segment above as Parker discusses Green’s latest bizarre scuffle with Rudy Gobert that resulted in Draymond being suspended five games. 

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