Flashback: The Time Armen Went To Visit The Family Matters House

Those of you who know me, by know, know I am a big lover of 90's culture and 90's TV shows. Is it an obsession at this point? Well even if everyone around me claims it is, I still won't admit it. Obviously, this is weird time in our lives, dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and the lifestyle restrictions surrounding it. For most of us, we've entertained ourselves in different ways, and that includes re-visiting our old favorite shows of our youth. I love anything and everything TGIF, and once I realized the entire lineup was on Hulu, bro it was game on.

Now for me it's not just enough to watch these shows, I become incredibly connected to them on a visceral level, and I seek to find all the information I can about them. Production notes, behind the scenes, there is just something exciting for me when art imitates life and vice-versa. So of course I became extremely interested in the filming locations for these shows etc. Well, I knew thanks to the internet that the original location for the Family Matters house was in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago, so a couple years ago when I was there for a wedding I went to visit the location.

To my dismay I learned that it was torn down and being built into high end condos an apartments, because values are so high in that area, it was a sitting gold mine. While I understand the economic realities of the situation, it still saddened me. This is where the Winslow's lived! This is where Mother Winslow brought home her booty calls! Where Urkel destroyed the house literally every episode! Anyway, I had to pay tribute. Watch below.

Photo Credit: Armen Saryan

Photo Credit: Armen Saryan

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