I stayed up way too late watching old Olympics footage on YouTube

It goes without saying by this point in my life that I am a sports obsessed person. It's my greatest passion in life. But it also goes without saying that I am a big aficionado of the Olympics. I have always loved the exciting and dramatic pageantry of the Olympic games. What they represent, what they offer to world humanity, and the memories and special moments I have growing up watching assorted Olympiads. Not only that, it gives me the chance to dive deep into, and enjoy, sports that aren't as mainstream. I find it exciting and interesting, and often illuminating.

Watching the Olympics is what first gave me the love of the sport of gymnastics. I never was involved in any other way except for watching it during the Olympics, finding the sport intense and incredible, and of course experiencing the excitement of America's first team gold with the legendary 1996 team. Recently, the Olympic channel on YouTube has been uploading replay video of all kinds of old Olympic events in high quality, and without the broadcast. Giving me a chance to see footage of incredible and historic events that I haven't seen up to this point. It's been a lot of fun to watch!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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