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You can buy an entire Baskin Robbins store on eBay

I guess we are all stir crazy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Distancing, quarantine, all of that. We've spent the last 10 weeks or so finding ways to entertain ourselves, and to adjust our lives accordingly when many of the things we've grown accustomed to doing are no longer an option.

I know shopping is one of those things. Sure people shop online now more than ever, but you can't tell me you don't still enjoy going to brick and mortar stores, or strolling the mall and browsing every now and then. I know I do. I shop online plenty but I am still a very visual and tactile shopper, and there is just something about being out an about in stores, interacting, absorbing the displays that I still enjoy.

It's definitely something I miss. So to fill that void I've found myself browsing online more than I ever would. I would rarely check or browse eBay as much as I am now, and often I find myself shocked at how and why I get to a certain search or category on the site to shop.

That happened to me today when I was in a quest to answer a question that has been repeatedly a source of major debate on The Crossover: is banana an ice cream flavor? And so I've been searching for banana ice cream options to buy to put this to rest. In doing so, I happened upon something I am shocked to see, although maybe nothing should surprise me anymore.

You can buy an entire Baskin Robbins store with equipment on eBay for just under $30,000

Holy cow. The entire thing? I quickly realized that this did not include the building. So basically you are getting the equipment, and upon seeing this many many questions started popping into my head:

  1. Who is sitting around with an entire Baskin Robbins store looking to sell?
  2. Does 30K for all of that seem excessive, or is it actually a steal?
  3. What kind of equipment did you need anyway besides the freezer and some ice cream scoops. It's not like it was a creamery.
  4. Would I have a place to store all of this equipment?
  5. Is this the right time to spend money on this?

Is it time to get off the internet?

At press time, Dario Melendez was seen asking for three scoops of banana to go.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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