Armen's Quarantine Mustache Is Disturbing Everybody

The recent quarantine and shelter at home efforts that we have all undertaken to help fight the COVID-19 virus have caused us to do some things we wouldn't normally do. Many of these things are positive - supporting local businesses, spending more time with family, learning how to cook, finding new projects around the house, books to read, shows to binge, and just in general many different ways to be productive with our time. Many have also found this to be the perfect opportunity to try new things. Again, most of these things are good and positive things. Some of these tend to be disturbing. One of those things has been the recent development of Armen's odd and frightening decision to try and grow a mustache for the first time in his life.

With high risk comes high reward, however, it also comes with the possibility of large consequences, and that's what we are witnessing here. It's been met with aghast in the halls of iHeart Milwaukee, in which the essential staff that is still in the building have dealt with a range of emotions once they were confronted with this facial hair monstrosity. We can only hope this nightmare is over soon.

Armen could not be reached for comment on this story. He was last seen attempting to order beard oil on the internet.

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