Aaron Rodgers surprised by Jordan Love pick; comments on future

In a way, Aaron Rodgers is like the rest of us.

Aaron Rodgers spoke to the media on Friday, saying he was surprised like everyone else that the Packers picked Jordan Love, and also offered candid thoughts on his future with the franchise.

The trade-up and selection of Rodgers' heir apparent caught many by surprise, including Rodgers, although Rodgers said that he's looking forward to working with Love. Rodgers described the situation as not one of Love's doing, and noted that Rodgers was in Love's position at the beginning of his career.

In regards to the future, Rodgers stated that if he feels he can play at a high level and that falls outside of the Packers' timeline with him, that he of course might have to play elsewhere.

Rodgers also offered thoughts on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and some of the other Packers picks in the 2020 NFL Draft. He also says the Packers need to be more consistent on offense in 2020. You can watch the full clip below or by clicking here.

Photo: Getty Images

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