Aaron Nagler Gives Thoughts on Release of Kurt Benkert on Drew & KB

Aaron Nagler (Cheesehead TV) joined Drew & KB on Friday to discuss the release of Kurt Benkert.

Kurt Benkert, the former Packers backup QB, was released just minutes before Aaron Nagler joined Drew & KB. So they got the immediate reaction from Aaron. 

While disappointed that Benkert is leaving Green Bay after the special connection he formed with fans, Aaron Nagler stressed that this is a business. Aaron Nagler agreed with KB that Kurt Benkert could be a guy who spends time in Green Bay, despite not being on the team.

When asked about what other moves might be coming for the Packers, Aaron Nagler said they could add someone now that they have a roster spot open.

Hear the full conversation below. Listen to the full show podcast at 973thegame.com or the iHeart Radio App.

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