Butch Is Doing Woodwork and Other Stories From Fake Spring Day

Photo Credit: Getty Images

It was quite a nice day all over Wisconsin on Tuesday, in fact, Monday was quite nice as well. With temperatures reaching near 60 degrees for a good portion of the state, many Wisconsinites were ready to get outside and enjoy it, especially after the arctic winter weather we experienced just a few weeks ago. Kuhn, Butch, and Armen were no exception as each of them wanted to spend their early spring day outside but in many different ways.

Butch shocked the rest of the crew by revealing that he is using the nice weather day to put a little sweat equity in the new house. That didn't necessarily shock them, but what it is that he's doing. Yes indeed, Butch is handling tools and putting up shelves. It is noble but just a bit concerning to the boys.

Kuhn and Butch also discuss if it's warm enough to break out the shorts. What say you?

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