Telvin Smith Reaches Out to Jags Fans via Instagram

Telvin Smith Reaches Out to Jags Fans via Instagram

28-year-old Telvin Smith retired before training camp heading into the Jaguars 2019 season. It was a devastating loss for the team, and it became apparent extremely quickly that the defense and linebacker unit in particular was missing his presence greatly. Telvin has taken the time to put out a few messages via his personal Instagram @telvinsmith50.

Telvin claims in the comments that he "Done turnt down a few offers to play last season" for other teams. "Hope y'all see how much love I got for y'all the {People} and this piece of land called Jacksonville".

I think it would be hard to find a Jaguars fan or member of the front office who would not welcome Telvin back in 2020. But, it seems like he's accepted his decision and is finding his path in life. He says, "I took on a character in life that i thought would make me happy. I'm so happy to be able to say I had the courage to step out of the image I thought made me and actually becoming the light I'm suppose to be."

Telvin Smith, like most of us, is searching for his place in this world. His happiness. His enlightenment. I wish him the best in this journey, and I hope he opens others up to finding what happiness means for them.


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