Mandatory drug testing to begin at Bolles and Episcopal schools

The Bolles School and Episcopal School of Jacksonville will reportedly begin randomly drug and alcohol testing students starting September 2020 according to News4Jax.

Parents received an email notifying them of the new testing via email which was obtained by News4Jax.

Via News4Jax:

"According to the message, the policy change is not a response to any specific isolated event or perceived issue at the schools but is "rooted in an honest acknowledgment that all schools and communities are grappling with the issue of drug and alcohol use and that we must do more in the way of deterrence, prevention and counseling."

The mandatory testing will be saliva based and will give immediate results. Currently students are tested only based on suspicion of substance usage.

Parents may attend meetings at Bolles on Wednesday, October 30th from 8am to 5pm to discuss any concerns.

For more information, visit our media partners News4Jax.

Photo via Getty Images. Checking on your children: multi-drug test kit with two joints


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