Former Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell breaks Guinness Record

This has to be one of the most random things that happened when the Jacksonville Jaguars went to London this year. Mark Brunell broke the Guinness World Record for the "Longest throw and catch of a hotdog sausage into a bun."

The minimum distance required was 20 m (65 ft 7 in). The former quarter back threw the sausage 20.96 m (68 ft 9 in) into an open bun being held by the Event and Marketing Manager for the Jags' UK business, Ryan Moore. 

Not sure what's more impressive, that Mark Brunell can throw a sausage that far or that Ryan Moore was able to catch it in the bun. 

Left: Adjudicator Jack Brockbank, Centre: Mark Brunell, Right: Ryan Moore via Guinness World Records Website


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