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The State of the Union Address under Joe Biden is chaos.

Jay Weber Show transcript 2-28-22

President Biden gives his first state of the union tomorrow night, and will do it to a mostly empty house chamber-

At last word- Nancy Pelosi still was only going to let a small handful of lawmakers be in the gallery, due to covid restrictions. We’ll see if she doesn’t drop or change those between now and tomorrow night-

But-a weak and declining Joe Biden never did give a state of the union last year. His team conveniently called it off due to covid.  He could have given it behind the desk of the fake oval office that his team built for just such occasions, but, for some reason, they didn’t even do that.

Clearly- they did not believe that a mentally slipping Joe Biden could handle it.

They’ve got to be nervous about tomorrow night, and the lack of a crowd might be Pelosi playing her part in the continuing attempt to trick the American people into believing that Joe Biden is more ‘with it’ than he is.

And the glitterati pundits will tell you that

‘there’s a lot riding on this speech’, but there’s not. Don’t let them fool you.

There’s nothing riding on this speech, aside from maybe causing yet another slide in Biden’s approval rating-

But frankly-that is so close to rock bottom already, i genuinely don’t know if it can go much lower.

I have never seen a president have ratings this low-and this lasting- in over 30 years of doing this.

And one speech isn’t going to do diddly to reverse Joe Biden’s fortunes, no matter how well-crafted or presented it is.

There are no words, narratives, or flowery phrases that are going to convince the American people that the last year went well, and that President Biden has been doing good work for them.

And that’s the load of manure that the democrats are going to try to sell: that this last year actually went really well, but because of covid, the American people aren’t capable of being optimistic, anymore.

You think I’m joking. I’m not.

See- one feature of a doddering old Joe Biden, is that he slips up and spills the beans in terms of ‘what’s coming’ whenever he gets close to reporters, and on Friday, he suggested to some reporter -this exact thing: that he has saved the economy and this is going well, but the American people are just so shell shocked from the covid pandemic that we can’t be optimistic. We are incapable of optimism, now.

I guarantee you that will be the over-arching theme of tomorrow night’s speech- which means it will be remarkable.

It means, my friends, that the entire state of the union speech tomorrow is going to be one massive gas lighting operation!

Imagine it!

This is remarkable, friends. It means that a democrat party, and regime, are so desperate and lose that they are going to attempt the equivalent of the quadruple axle round off flippity flop- on the American people.

This is a political move so difficult and complex that it is only ever attempted by socialist dictators- and it never works.

And I’m only half-kidding: this move is what Stalin and Castro attempted to do-before they would order their troops to start firing at their own people-

This is the attempt to bully or trick a massive number of people into believing that: this is going well, so shut up if you don’t like it or understand it.

And I am not suggesting that President Biden is about to declare martial law or take over the country. I’m simply pointing out that they would if they could, at this point.

All joking aside-

Come on- it’s a big deal that-just a year into Biden’s admin-the democrats is so desperate that they are attempting to tell a nation of 350-million people that the problem is-with us.

Biden is going to try to sell you on the idea that ‘this has been going great’, and if you can’t see that, it’s because the stresses of the covid era have warped your reality.


And it comes as two new polls from left wing media outlets put Biden’s approval rating at new lows of 38 and 37 percent, respectively.

The 38 percent comes from Harvard/Harris.

That is a huge sample size for the average presidential approval poll.

And the new 37 percent low comes from

The Washington Post-itself-

The Post! - that now shows Biden with a 37 percent approval rating using their methods.

And get this number: 55 percent say they disapprove of the job Biden’s doing-but here’s the killer- 44 percent of the post’s respondents said they ‘strongly disapprove’ of president joe Biden.


That’s nearly half of all Americans saying they-strongly-disapprove of this president. I don’t know if I have ever seen anything like that, in one of these polls.

It means that more Americans- give Biden the most negative rating possible- than those who say they approve of the way he’s running the country. 

He has 37 percent ‘general’ approval, but 44 percent-strong disapproval.

What ‘stellar speech’ is going to turn that around, tomorrow?

There’s a seven-to-ten-point gap in the so-called ‘generic ballot’ question, when republicans have only led on this question twice in a midterm election year over the last 40 years, and both of those elections were  big democrat wipeouts.

Its stacking up the same way for fall.

And rightly so. This isn’t even about politics, or differences in opinion, anymore. Biden and the democrats have managed to destroy America in one short year.

Biden has mishandled every major issue and crisis. He’s reopened the borders and touched off inflation and ruined an economy primed to really soar for the next decade. His energy policy is such a disaster that it helped touch off a war in Ukraine.

The democrats running the cities have given the country skyrocketing crime and policies that unapologetically dump thugs, criminals, and violent gangbangers back onto the streets within hours.

The State of the Union under Joe Biden is chaos.

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