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Stop It! Pence couldn't delay or overturn the election

Jay Weber Show transcript 2-8-22

I did another segment yesterday on President Trump simply being wrong in his claim that vice president pence could have delayed and then overturned the 2020 election results, and I knew some of the reaction I’d get, because there are people in this audience with diverse opinions, as well as a lot of conservatives and Trump fans who remain angry and frustrated at the 2020 outcome.

I understand it. And I know we can hold differing opinions. But on the question of whether Trump is right-or Pence is right- there is only one correct answer.

And Pence was right. Trump is wrong. Accept that-or don’t. Wail and lash out against that fact. Or don’t.

But you can stop sending me the ‘but read this’...or ‘but listen to this’.... articles and videos.

Because unless they say trump is wrong...they’re wrong-on this question: could pence have delayed and/or overturned the election results?


There is nothing in the constitution or in the electoral count act that allows for that. Nothing.

And if it’s not there, you can’t invent it. If you do, you’re no better than the liberals and their judges who-want- to find things in the constitution that aren’t there.

That’s the categorical, bottom line on Trump bashing Pence. Trump is wrong. He got bad advice from psych phonetic advisors whom he told to ‘find a way’ and he’s wrong. Deal with it.

He’s not wrong about having been election fraud. He’s not wrong about all sorts of last-minute rule changes and cheating in this state and others that might have tipped the election.

He is wrong about pence being able to do anything about it on January sixth.

And he is-because there is nothing in the constitution or the electoral count act that gives the VP any such powers. Period.

And so, if you won’t accept that, i don’t know what to tell you.   

Whether you realize it or not, some of you are making the same argument the liberals do on banning guns.  You can’t ban guns. The constitution is clear on that. Anything else is an attempt to invent a ‘work around’ to the constitution.

This is what trump was-and is still-attempting to do.

Marc Short was pence’s chief of staff and explains this as well as anyone. He was on

Chuck Todd’s -dreadful-Meet The Press on Sunday:

Marc Short: The VP Can Not Decertify, Delay, Or Reject A State's Electoral Votes, Despite Claims From "Snake-Oil Salesman"

Short’s position- is my position: of course, there are legitimate questions about how the 2020 election was run. Of course, there were-and are- serious allegations of fraud and cheating, by any definition.

But on the question of- once the states have certified their results and their electors have cast their votes-  "what is the constitutional role of the vice president of the united states?" that is clear. The vice president has zero authority under the 12th amendment and the electoral count act to stop, delay, or change the results of an election held-by the states. He and congress just count the votes and go thru the procedure of starting the transition.

That’s it.

It’s the way the founders and the federalists wanted it, and they made it quite clear. We don’t need to guess at whether trump is right about pence’s authority.

He’s not. 

story credit: Real Clear Politics
photo credit: Getty Images

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