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KB's Weekly Power Ranking of Things

Last week I jumped into the Power Rankings fray with my "Weekly Power Ranking of Things". Here are this week's power rankings:

10. Roundabouts - I love em. So much in fact I will sometimes take a full lap around before exiting much to my wife's dismay.

9.  White Castle Sliders - Countless after bar visits have somehow made me come to like these nasty little gut bombs. No condiments either.

8. Automatic Garage Door Openers - Mine is broken and now I have a deeper appreciation for something we all take for granted.

7. Slippers - With socks. Without socks. It doesn’t matter. The right pair can be life changing.

6. Self-Checkouts - If you’ve only got a few items there is no other way to go. No couponers. No check writers. In. Out. Done. 

5. Koss Headphones - Beats are too bassy. Bose are too expensive. Dollar for dollar these are the best cans on the market.

4. Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee - Best coffee plain and simple. But since locations are few and far between in the midwest, take home is second best. 

3. Masters Souvenir Cups - The best at home cocktail glass with built in measuring line. “Fill ‘er to Augusta” I always say. 

2. Jesus - As a Catholic he is my Lord and Savior. Unfortunately he’s not my guitar tech. (See #1).

1. The Snark - When you don't have a Peterson or your pedal board, the Snark is the GOAT of on the fly guitar tuners.

If you've got rankings of your own or disagree with mine hit me on Twitter @OnAirKB.

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