If I Were QB1 I'd Be P*ssed About The Bucks Roster Moves-Like Really P*ssed

I will be the first to admit, I am not a big NBA fan so I’m obviously not well-versed in the intricacies of the latest Bucks trade other than I know the Bucks are a significantly better team than they were yesterday. I also know this move by the Bucks is the polar opposite of what we witnessed from what 1265 Lombardi Avenue did in the most recent NFL Draft. It’s also what I find to be most intriguing. 

When I heard of the Bucks roster moves, my mind did not go to “now this team can win a championship”. Rather it went to “how pissed off will Aaron Rodgers” be about the deal? The logical response is that it won’t concern him because he is focused on bringing a championship back to Green Bay, but lest we not forget, QB1 has an ownership stake in the team. We all remember the game when the deal was announced. It was a joyous occasion. David Bakhtiari slammed beers, AR only made it halfway through, and Danica Patrick turned her nose up at a free drink from the row behind her. He’s not merely a passive fan, he’s got skin in the game. It kind of changes the dynamic.

Now QB1 may not care at all, which is perfectly fine. But as fans what we have just witnessed is one management structure willing to give up a significant part of their future in the hopes of retaining their superstar and win a championship sooner rather than later, versus a management structure which instead of building a team around their superstar with the weapons he needs, chooses to draft his potential heir apparent. You can’t find more contrasting approaches. It’s salt versus pepper. Cain versus Abel. A Whiskey Manhattan versus a Brandy Manhattan.

As fans we can only hope it works out in our favor on both counts, but my gut is telling me we will see a parade down Wisconsin Avenue before Lombardi Avenue. And when we do get that Lombardi Avenue parade, QB1 is leading the way.

PHOTO: Getty Images