This old Wendy's training video song could go top 40

Well, I did it again. I went down a rabbit hold on YouTube. Is anyone really surprised at this? I mean that's kind of standard Armen operation at this point in history. Anyway, the first thing I came across was this Old Country Buffet training video. Which was amazing in it's own right. It's kind of a marathon though, in that to really get the whole essence of it you have to watch the whole thing. See below.

Now, you kind of get the idea of what's happening here. Basically restaurant training treasures from the 90's abound. Okay now let's get to the money.

There are a lot of similar gems like the one above, but the shining light and beacon, the creme de la creme of these training videos is this, the Wendy's hot drink song. This is a BANGER!! It slaps so hard. I think I already listened to it 10 times. Enjoy your ear-worm.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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