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Drew and KB lay down some ground rules for Chuck and Wickett

Who says you can't have a reunion every once in awhile? Yes indeed, old friend Chuck and Wickett will be taking over for Drew and KB next week when they are on vacation. While everyone is excited, KB wanted to make sure they knew some ground rules. Read and listen below to the segment!

Drew and KB Show Fill-In Host Rules:

No eating in the studio or in the locker room. Eating is allowed in designated dining areas. If you have difficulty locating a designated dining area please consult your supervisor. 

You may consume beverages in the studio. However, beverages must contain alcohol and held in a container with a spill proof cover or lid and must be at least 24 fluid ounces.

All on-air personalities must wear collared shirts in the studio. Shorts are permitted however they must be knee length. Cargo shorts and denim are strictly prohibited. Anyone wearing cargo shorts or denim will be removed from the studio and will not be allowed to return until in proper attire.

Personal commentary or speculation regarding what a league, owner, team, manager, coach or player may or may not do, or may or may not mean by what they said regarding any situation is strictly prohibited. Any and all comments made by an on-air personality regarding any topic or subject matter must be supported with factual proof at all times. 

No yelling or raising of voices during on-air discussions. We are committed to always using inside voices on the Drew and KB Show and require all fill-in on-air personalities to do the same. 

At least three times per hour you must clearly state you are filling in for Drew and KB and your statement must always contain the phrase “an honor and privilege”. 

Photo Credit: Armen Saryan

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