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Coping With Tiger King Withdrawal: Three More Awesome Shows To Binge

There are only two things on the minds of Americans these days; Coronavirus and The Tiger King. 

Sadly, there is no end in sight for the Coronavirus lockdown, but equally as sad The Tiger King only has 7 episodes and most of us have completed them within two or three days leaving all of America asking “Now what?” 

I’m here to save the day with three binge-able shows full of freaky people, animals, insane drama and scathing humor. 


Originally airing on Animal Planet, Fatal Attractions is a series dedicated to people who keep exotic animals as pets, such as Hyena’s, Crocodiles, Bears, and of course Tigers. 500 lb Tigers as a matter of fact. Living in a Harlem apartment (Episode 4). Check out the actual news story here.

Documentary NOW! (Netflix) 

Documentary NOWI is a parody of TV documentary shows created by Bill Hader and Fred Armisen. Hosted by Helen Mirren, the mini-docs cover a variety of stories from a jazz musician wrongly convicted of murder to a behind the scenes look at a sex cult hiding in plain sight. 

My personal favorite episode is “Gentle and Soft: The Story of The Blue Jean Committee”. It chronicles the career of two Chicago musicians who head west to become California soft rock legends. And this ain’t your cheap knock-off either, Daryl Hall, Cameron Crowe and Kenny Loggins all make appearances to proclaim their love for this acoustic super duo. 

Chosen (Crackle) 

You’re a normal person with a normal life. Then a box shows up on your doorstep with a picture and a gun. Your job is to find the person in the photo and kill them before time runs out . But the Watchers are watching and if you don’t finish the job in time, they’ll kill you. Oh, and by the way, someone else has your picture and has been given the same task.  

These ought to hold you over for a while. If not, hit me up on Twitter at @OnAirKB and I'll send you a couple more from my rabbit hole.

Photos (Netflix/Crackle)

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