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Figure It Out 03/27/20

Trying to think of a game to play as you are home with your family over the weekend? You can play this week's edition of Figure it Out! Below are the questions and answers. Also click below to listen to this week's game! Thanks again to Great Midwest Bank!

Sick Days were also featured in this movie when the main character had missed school 9 times. His mother had no idea he had missed school 9 times. He played sick by licking his palms.

FERRIS BUELLERS DAY OFF also featured a scene where the Cubs had a home game against this team. They started in Boston then went to Milwaukee but left for their current home in 1966.

ATLANTA BRAVES have sometimes been referred to as this in reference to their games being broadcast on the nationally available TBS from the 1970s until 2007, giving the team a nationwide fan base. The nickname is more commonly associated with the Dallas Cowboys.

AMERICAS TEAM was said to be the Bills by their head coach before facing the Cowboys in Super bowl 27 because they would be wearing Red White and Blue. They would lose to the Cowboys 52-17. This person did the coin toss at the Super Bowl 27. You may have seen him saying, hello Twitter world, Its yours truly..

O.J. SIMPSON played for the Buffalo Bills from 1969 to 1977 the same year this person was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He played his whole career as a Cub earning him the nickname Mr.Cub.


Ernie Banks’ nephew, Bob Johnson, was a major league catcher and first baseman for the Texas Rangers between 1981 and 1983. His great nephew, Acie Law, is a professional basketball player who attended this university before playing in the NBA. It is the home of the Aggies.

TEXAS A&M is the home to many notable alumni including Rita LeBlanc who was supposed to be an heir to the New Orleans Saints as the granddaughter of Tom Benson who instead left it to his wife who he married in 2004 which was also part of a song title by this person who was the winner of American Idol in 2003 beating Clay Aiken. His first name is also the name of a sandwich that is made up of corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut and more.

RUBEN STUDDARD was also featured on Ray Charles’ album Genius and Friends in which Ruben sang this song with Ray. The song was recently featured in an Instagram mash up video posted by Gal Gadot and featured numerous other celebrities. It was written and originally performed by John Lennon.

IMAGINE was also featured at the 2012 Summer Olympics which was held in this city. The ceremony was opened by Queen Elizabeth the Second. It is in England.

LONDON was also the last name of Carolyn London a medical photographer who is this persons mother. She made her TV debut as Jackie Ames in 9 episodes of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. She has hosted multiple versions of America’s Top Model and her name ties in to today’s theme.


Tyra Banks, in August 2016, accepted a position as a personal branding guest lecturer at Stanford University. Stanford University is the home to many notable alumni including Reed Hastings who was the co-founder of this which has been a savior to most during the quarantine. It is also the service that provides Tiger King.

NETFLIX is also filled with comedy specials from stand-up comedians including Tom Segura. Tom Segura’s newest stand up special on Netflix is called this. It is a term associated with an athlete in the NBA for example who doesn’t pass. It is what numerous sports are played with plus a different name for a pig.

BALL HOG is a term that has been used to describe multiple NBA players including this person who played college ball at Syracuse selected third overall by the Denver Nuggets who he played for from 2003 to 2011 and then New York Knicks from 2011- 2017 in which he wore number 7.

CARMELLO ANTHONY is currently on the Portland Trail Blazers. Trail Blazer is also the name of a vehicle made by this car company. They are owned by GM and also make the Corvette.

CHEVROLET has produced many vehicles. When driving a vehicle during the winter you have to drive carefully otherwise you might slide right into one of these. It is white stuff that falls from the sky plus todays theme.


Snow bank is also the name of a Glacier and Mountain that are located in this state. It’s capital is Helena and it is well known as being the location of Yellowstone National Park along with Wyoming and Idaho.

MONTANA is known as the Treasure State and Big Sky Country which is also the name of a bar and grille in Germantown and also has a location here which can be visited during the event that bares its name. It is located in West Allis next to the Petit Ice Center.

STATE FAIR has a ton of food and concerts along with shopping and attractions. This is an attraction/ride that isn’t located in spin city but is a staple of the Wisconsin State Fair. You go down it on a burlap sack.

GIANT SLIDE has been around for over 50 years and is a 200 foot slide. A new shopping and entertainment center with a waterpark in East Rutherford New Jersey has the tallest indoor water slide in the world and in the US in general. It was supposed to open on March 19th of 2020 but was delayed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The name of the water park is also the nickname of wrestling legend Dusty Rhodes. It is also defined as life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

AMERICAN DREAM includes a Water Park that is sponsored by Dreamworks whose biggest animated franchise is Shrek which had four feature films, just as Disney had Toy Story which also had four films. One of the characters from Toy Story is Ham which is one of these. It ties in to today’s theme and is something you keep change in.


Piggy Bank is also a song by this rap artist who recently said that Coronavirus was going to make everyone fat and that people should do what he does and watch fitness Instagram models for workout tips. He is known for songs like In Da Club and Candy Shop. His name is also what 2 quarters worth.

50 CENT threw one of the worst ceremonial first pitches in history on May 27, 2014 at Citi Field in a game where the Mets beat this team. They are in the NL Central and haven 5 World Series the last coming in 1979. They play at PNC Park.

PITTSBURGH PIRATES are owned by Robert Nutting who was born in Wheeling West Virginia as was Joyce Dewitt who played Janet Wood on this ABC sitcom that also starred John Ritter.

THREE’S COMPANY also featured an episode titled The Charming Stranger where John Ritter's scrotum skin was briefly visible through the bottom of a pair of blue boxer shorts. Ritter himself once told the New York Observer when they asked him about the controversy: "I've requested that Nickelodeon air both versions on Nick at Nite, edited and unedited, because sometimes you feel like a nut, and sometimes you don’t” Which was an advertising jingle for Mounds and this coconut candy bar.

ALMOND JOY was first made in 1946 and is currently made by Hershey which is headquartered in Pennsylvania which is where J.M Brunswick lived before moving to Ohio. J.M Brunswick was responsible for the Brunswick Company which started our specializing in Billiards or pool. When playing pool sometimes you have to do one of these to get a ball in successfully. It is in billiards and pool when a player hits the cue ball or the object ball off of a rail. In basketball it is when the ball hits the backboard on a jumper before going in.


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