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The Bachelor Finale Pt 1 & 2: Mommie Dearest Redux: The Wrath Of Barb.

I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to pulling together my thoughts about this finale. So many transformations over the two nights. Hannah Ann turned from a little girl into a strong woman. Madi turned from a strong woman into a little girl and then back into a woman before turning into a exotic cat with sharp claws and a “tongue in the upper lip” look that could kill you dead with one glare.

And then there’s Barbara. The former stew who went from being America’s sweetest mom to being the most despicable woman in the Twitter World with a series of eye rolls and petty comments that pretty much ruined Peter’s chance of ever finding love because there isn’t a sane woman in the world who would marry into hornet’s nest. We spent the entire season looking for a villain and last night we got her. Tube tops and all.

My Observations 

Peter’s brother is creepy. Like really creepy. Like he wants to bone Hannah Ann when Peter isn't looking creepy.

Who’s Bud? 

I can’t imagine having a conversation with my dad about being in love with two women. Hell, I never had a conversation with him about being in love with one. 

No matter who Peter chooses, you just know they’re going to get a tube top from Barbara every single Christmas. 

Are Peter’s family really “you’re not a slut” shaming Madi? 

I believe Madi may have had her tear ducts surgically removed as a child.

I want a pet kangaroo.

Is there anything more emotional than watching two people swat at insects while trying to navigate through a terrible break up? 

Tell me you did not just ask for permission to marry Hannah Ann via FaceTime. 

Why would you wear a dress with a train in the middle of a red clay desert. You know you’ll never get those stains out. 

I love how Peter’s family was sitting on a couch awaiting his decision like a mid-major bubble team waiting to hear if they got an NCAA Tournament bid.

Hannah Ann finally grew up.  

After watching Barbara I think I have to increase MY therapy sessions to 2x per week just to figure out how to cope with her shit too. 

I love the fact that every time Barbara looks at her wedding vow renewal photos she’s going to have to look at Madi’s beautiful veneers.  

We need a Barb-Cam for every Bachelor Nation show from now on. 

If you’re going to use a foreign language to get your husband to cover for you, use something like Mandarin or that mouth-clicking aborigine language so we can’t figure out what you’re saying. 

Given the choice, I would take Victoria F’s fake family over Peter’s real family. 

There ain’t a sane woman in the world that’s marrying into Peter’s family after last night. 

As the Twitter World pointed out, Madi’s “Well bless her heart…” look she shot at Barbara was priceless. 

Peter finally grew a pair. Meanwhile Peter’s dad’s pair are still in Barbara’s purse. 

Madison - She was my girl wire to wire. It's a shame it will never work out because Barbara is such a psycho.

Barbara - She

Barbara - Runs

Barbara - Peter's

Barbara - World

PHOTO: ABC/The Bachelor

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