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Bachelor Power Rankings Week 10: Women Tell All By Shouting Over Each Other

If I could sum up last night’s "Women Tell All" episode in four words it would be SHUT THE F UP! There were moments where I literally felt like I was being held against my will in an overcrowded chicken coop at a temperature of 103º F with 92% humidity. All I can say is if the CIA is looking for a way to replace waterboarding as a method for getting information out of enemy prisoners, they may want to consider replaying this episode.

My Observations

Did anyone else notice Victoria F was the only one not shivering at the final rose ceremony? Girl is a cold-blooded killer.

Does Peter only own one suit? 

Hannah Ann looks more skittish than a chihuahua in the middle of a pack of wild coyotes.

There's no way all these women were on the show.

I am so happy Mykenna found her voice. I just wish she’d stop using it. 

Victoria P: From a medical standpoint I’m a nurse

Savannah: From a medical standpoint, you’re a dermatologist. 

Me: Psssst. Savannah hun. Bad comeback. A dermatologist is a doctor. Just so's ya know.

Kelley? Kelley? Has anyone around here seen Kelley? 

Can Alayah write off double sided tape as a business expense? 

This is really an open casting call for a reboot of Mean Girls isn't it? 

I want to see a dinner at Madi’s house where Tammy and Kelsey are guests and Kelsey gets the “special plate”. 

The women doing the Pilot Pete cheer are unquestionably the welcoming committee at the gates of hell. 

Who are the 8 guys in the back row? 

Victoria F looks like an iPhone memoji, Oh..and are those eyelashes or awnings? 

Peter’s scar has healed nicely.

Peter: "I see exactly what I have in front of me" *yeah it’s 2 baby kangaroos you dolt* 

I’m still not watching The Good Doctor. 

Coronavirus will you accept this rose?  

Madison - I’m still pushing all in on Madi because she’s the only one who looks like a grown up. She won’t get a ring, but replying “yeah” when Peter asked if she would accept the rose is a pure baller move. 

Sarah - Where the hell were you all season? Can we still give you a rose? 

Lexi - Hey Lex, grab your pool cue. We got next game. 

Chris Harrison - Thanks for the meme(ories).  

Hannah Ann - You’re here because you’re still here, but truth be told, you probably still get way too excited when you hear the ice cream man coming down your street. 

PHOTO: ABC/The Bachelor

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