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Bachelor Week 3: “Finasco. F-I-N-A-S-C-O. Finasco”

It was a night filled with mispronunciations, hand-to-hand combat, shape-shifting and a coordinated effort to throw Alayah under the bus, run her over, back it up and run her over again. Not the best episode, but it had its moments nonetheless. 

My top observations:

  1. Finasco and Linger-y have been officially added to the Miriam-Webster Dictionary. 
  2. Take the glasses off, stop straightening your hair and put on your makeup. Otherwise I don’t know who you are. 
  3. Who orders chardonnay at a country line dancing bar? No one. Whiskey or beer, that's it.
  4. I think Fred Willard has lost a step. 
  5. The first rule of extreme pillow fight club is never talk about extreme pillow fight club.
  6. Sarah C did not get a rose because she is in concussion protocol.
  7. “Do you like...work at all?”
  8. Becoming an influencer is the new “right reason” for being there. 
  9. If by chance they marry, I am convinced Alayah will talk her high school lover into murdering Peter to collect the insurance money. 
  10. I need to create a Chase Rice playlist on Spotify before next Monday. 

My Week 3 Power Rankings:

  1. Madison - She is the Brann Stark of the House of Bachelor. While the world is in chaos around her, she’s going about her business quietly. She's playing the long game. The Iron Throne is hers to lose. 
  2. Victoria P. - She’s been a favorite of mine since night one, even though she did order white wine in a country bar. Her eyelash batting game is on point.
  3. Lexi - In the middle of a Road House bar fight, Lexi is the one who sits quietly, then throws back a whiskey shooter, stands up and cold cocks the fat guy wearing bibs before sitting back down and ordering another bottle of Bud as if nothing happened. I love that.
  4. Tammy - Dropped a couple spots when she went Full Metal Jacket on Kelley in the extreme pillow fight competition. Starting to show signs of crazy but I’m keeping her around in case the mansion needs some small home repairs. 
  5. Savannah - Pretty and stealth. Maybe too stealth. However, I want to be there when she springs out from the jungle cover.

Dropping out of the Top 5:

  1. Hannah Ann - Finasco. 
  2. Ashley P - Eats too much. Bad hygiene. She's a cow. Take a moment to say your goodbyes. Your time at the mansion is finished.

Photos: ABC

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