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This Guy Uploaded A Video To YouTube During The Middle Of A Cat 5 Hurricane

What kind of sociopath films the middle of a Cat 5 Hurricane? One who doesn’t know he’s supposed to hold his iPhone that’s who. Rule: If you’re going to film a natural disaster, HOLD THE CAMERA THE RIGHT WAY DAMMIT! 

This video is littered with priceless quotes. It’s the home version of “OK Stop” I’ll help you get started by pointing out some of the precious jewels hidden within.

:10 “We have hurricane impact windows so we can watch this thing unfold” OK STOP. Of course you have hurricane proof windows. You know what else is hurricane proof? Wisconsin. 

:48 “Our neighbor next door has a wall that’s completely underwater”. OK STOP. You know what else he has? A brain because he’s not there. 

1:04 “I’ve never experienced something like this before” OK STOP. WTF dude? Was this on your bucket list or something? 

1:39 “The ocean is litereally here” OK STOP. Which is the reason you shouldn’t be you freaking moron. 

1:50 “We build our house on stilts 15 feet high” OK STOP. Good for you. I'm sure it wasn't your idea though.

2:02 “The only flaw we have is the windows were not sealed” OK STOP. Simple math here folks. Windows not sealed equals windows not hurricane proof.

4:21  (Woman’s voice in the background) “I don’t know where this water is coming from” OK STOP. It’s coming from the freaking hurricane you dumb sh*t. Then it's followed by what sounds to be a little kids voice. WHY IS A LITTLE KID THERE! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE???

5:26 “This is the view outside our bedroom window. Debris everywhere.” OK STOP. Definitely not a selling point for the next episode of Island House Hunters. Just sayin’. 

5:59 “The water has gotten higher since the first time I shot” OK STOP. IT’S A FREAKING CAT 5 HURRICANE! What the hell did you think was going to happen?

There are morons and then there are these people. What happens when the hurricane blows by in a day? I hope you have a flippin boat in the family room because you’re stuck there for about three weeks. Maybe you can finish off those Y2K rations you squirrel away. 

But what I really want to know is what the hell kind of internet service or mobile coverage does this guy have that he can upload a video in the middle of a CAT 5 hurricane? I can’t go in my basement at home and get a text message but this guy is sending emojis to the states while a small island country is on the verge of being wiped off the map!  

Screw you AT&T. I’m going to find out who this guy has and I am switching providers immediately. You suck.

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