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Here are 5 acts that SHOULD headline the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters (Getty Images photo)

Let's get the disclaimers out of the way up front:

I have particular musical tastes and have been referred to as a "snob" at various points.

I don't hate Maroon 5. I don't like them, but I don't hate them. I'm kind of ambivalent, really. I know they pump out hits and I probably hear them in the background when I'm walking through the aisles at Target or some other store, but I don't pay a lot of attention to their work.

Maroon 5 wasn't awful at halftime of Super Bowl LIII Sunday in Atlanta.

But, they weren't memorable, either. Nothing stood out. The set seemed much longer than 13 minutes, and the segments without Travis Scott, Big Boi and Sponegebob seemed to drag.

So, in the spirt of the semi-regular "Drew and KB" feature entitled "I'll Waive the Consulting Fee," here are some top-of-head recommendations for future Super Bowl halftime shows.


A no-brainer. Dave Grohl and the guys kick all kinds of ass live, could rip through some cool covers and they'd be cool with special guests like Zac Brown, Joan Jett, Iggy Pop and any of a dozen other possibilities. They could even invite Krist Novoselic and stage a Nirvana reunion. It would be awesome. The press conference would be hilarious, too. The only problem is that Grohl has trouble speaking to crowds without dropping the F-bomb, but Super Bowl censors could handle that.


The suits at the NFL always want to attract a younger, female demographic, right? Taylor Swift is a proven stadium act that would appeal to that segment and can hold her own with any guest star cameos that come up.


Given how many downloads the guy has amassed, and his position as a top sports fan (Raptors, Kentucky Wildcats, etc.) it's almost amazing that Drake hasn't already had the halftime gig. It would grab headlines, for sure.


A little face-melting metal from the boys would be appropriate. They may have started on the fringe of the mainstream, but this group has carved out a Hall of Fame career and would dominate the Super Bowl. Think of how thrilled many offensive linemen would be to see their heroes on stage... Plus, it would make my co-worker, Natalie, one of Metallica's biggest fans, happy.


He will likely dominate the Grammys later this month and -- despite tough competition-- and Lamar would absolutely slay the Super Bowl, too. Again, the opportunities for collaboration would be great.

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