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Foo Fighters share stage with "Kiss Guy"

It's no secret that KB and I love live music. The energy of an exciting show matches, and often surpasses, the vibe of a really great sporting event. 

It doesn't matter if the venue is a coffee shop, corner bar, subway station, basketball arena or stadium, good music grabs our attention. The exchange of energy between the artist and the audience is something special and should be savored. 

That's why I always say, "When you are on the fence about going to a concert, go." You might be tired. You might be broke. You might have an early meeting the next day. You might not have ever heard of the band that's headlining. Don't let that any of that stop you. The possibilities are limitless. The band you see might become your favorite. Something could happen that you'll talk about for ages. You band you see in the Back Room at Collectivo or after the Admirals game could end up being a platinum-selling, Grammy-winning powerhouse a few years down the road and you can say you were there at the beginning. 

Not only that, seeing music can allow you to forget your problems for a few hours. If you go to a Brewers or Packers game, you might worry about the outcome of that event and how it fits into the landscape of the team's current narrative. How will it impact the division race or the playoff chase? Is our bullpen / defensive backfield good enough to get us deep into the playoffs? 

You don't have to worry about that stuff at a concert. If you love the band, you may think - "I hope they play 'Song X,' " but that's really not going to make or break the event for you. 

Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters put on incredible concerts. The energy from start to finish surpasses that of many other bands and each show contains a special "moment." 

Last week's show in Austin, featuring a surprise appearance by "Kiss Guy," aka Yayo Sanchez, was memorable on a number of levels. All Foo Fighters shows are full of what we call "bangers," but this show had a special energy that I just had to share with the smart, good-looking listeners of "The Drew Olson Show." 

We cracked up while watching this video in the locker room. If you haven't seen it, enjoy, but be warned that it contains some NSFW language because Mr. Grohl is incapable of uttering three sentences onstage without dropping the "F" bomb.

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