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Serena quelled controversy 4 years ago

From the "Controversial Sports Topics That Aren't Really Controversial" department, we have the John McEnroe-Serena Williams kerfuffle. 

In case you missed it, read the recap of the aftermath.

In the meantime, check out Serena's interview with David Letterman above. 

In this divided time, can we agree on these two things? 

1. Serena Williams is awesome. 

2. John McEnroe is not really a pig-headed jerk for saying that Serena isn't the best tennis player on the planet, because she's not. 

Serena is dominant. She is incredible. But, she is not better than even a run-of-the-mill pro on the men's circuit. 

That doesn't diminish her dominance in any way. She's awesome, and I can't wait to see her win more matches after she becomes a mom. 

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