NCAA Selection Show Ratings Steep Drop

NCAA Basketball Tournament - First Round - Greenville - Seton Hall v Arkansas

Not only did the NCAA Selection Show go through a format change this year, it also made a move across Turner network from CBS to TBS. And it seems that both changes played an role in delivering a steep decline in ratings for the yearly tournament selection spectacle.

Per Sports Media Watch:

The NCAA Tournament Selection Show earned a 1.6 overnight rating on TBS Sunday, down 52% from last year (3.3), down 57% from 2016 (3.7), and the lowest overnight in the history of the show. 

Just as alarming as the ratings drop is where it positioned against other sports events that took place on Sunday. Per Sports Media Watch, the event was fourth in ratings on Sunday, behind Tiger Wood's push in the Tampa Bay Championship, NASCAR from Pheonix, and the NBA on ABC in that order. Frankly, falling behind Tiger's almost win is no surprise, but NASCAR?

Maybe if it isn't broken, it's best not to fix it.


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