Ole Miss Students Voting to Change Mascot to Land Sharks?

Photographer Gets Up Close And Personal With The World's Deadliest Fish

From The Clarion-Ledger:

Dion  Kevin III, president of the Ole Miss Associated Student Body, said in a  letter that students will be able to vote on the Landshark as the new  mascot, which would replace the Black Bear mascot chosen in 2010.

“The  Landshark as we know it today has its origins in football, but has  since expanded to symbolize Ole Miss’s fight spirit and athletic  prowess,” Kevin wrote. “On September 26th, we will all have the chance  to leave a legacy of unity and excitement in a referendum vote in this  year’s Fall Election.”


Ole Miss’s defense has been colloquial known as the “landsharks” since  2008, when Tony Fein did a shark-fin gesture after making a stop on  Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. It has remained a nickname since, and  gained popularity during the height of the Hugh Freeze era.


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