Dabo Swinney at the Top of A&M's Wish List?

Pittsburgh v Clemson

Texas Monthly columnist Matt Mosley thinks A&M will make a run at Dabo Swinney should Sumlin struggle in 2017.  

 Chad Morris will win six games and then start  campaigning with a month to go for every job in the country. What he  really wants, of course, is the A&M gig. But the Ags have their  sights a little higher. I think they will make a run at [Clemson’s] Dabo  [Swinney] if things go south with Sumlin. I’m not saying he would  leave…but they will LOAD UP. After that, it might be the man with the  pearly white teeth, Chris Petersen out of Washington.

 How much money would it take Dabo to leave Clemson for College Station. He’s got good of a gig with the  Tigers and has the program running at an elite level. Not to mention,  Clemson will try to counter what every A & M throws Swinney's way.   If the Aggies want Swinney it could cost them upwards on $8-10 million per season.


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