WATCH: Travis Kelce Dances To Taylor Swift As Friends' Trolling Backfires

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A video shared online shows Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce dancing to his girlfriend Taylor Swift's song on a golf course after his friends' attempted trolling backfired.

The video, which was initially shared on former NBA player Chandler Parsons' Instagram story and re-shared by a Swift fan account on X, shows Kelce hitting a perfect shot from the fairway while the song 'Bad Blood' plays in the background. A voice is then heard saying, "oh no, this backfired," before another ads, "oh no, oh he likes it."

Kelce is then celebrating the shot by dancing directly into the camera and lip synching his girlfriend's verse.

Earlier this month, Kelce sang part of the 'Bad Blood' chorus while discussing the trade that sent former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett to the Philadelphia Eagles, the former team of his brother and co-host, recently retired former All-Pro center Jason Kelce, on their 'New Heights' podcast.

"Kenny and the Steelers, their relationship ended in a little, 'Bad Blood,' because Kenny is saying he preferred to move on," Travis said, singing the 'Bad Blood' line similar to Swift, as clipped in the video below.

Kelce had previously told WSJ Magazine that he was a fan of Swift's '1989' album, which features the song, during a feature in December 2023.

"‘Blank Space’ was one I wanted to hear live for sure. ‘I could make a bad guy good for the weekend.’ That’s a helluva line,” Kelce said while discussing attending his girlfriend's concert.

The three-time Super Bowl champion famously revealed that he attempted to give Swift a friendship bracelet with his phone number when he attended her concert at Arrowhead Stadium prior to their relationship last summer. Swift later said that Travis "very adorably put me on blast" when he acknowledged the situation on his podcast, which she said "was metal as hell" while being featured as Time Magazine's 'Person of the Year' in December 2023.

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