Wisconsin McDonald's Named One Of The 'Most Beautiful' In The World

McDonald's Sign

Photo: Getty Images

Yes, you read that headline correctly. A Wisconsin McDonald's has been named one of the "most beautiful" in the world by none other than Architectural Digest.

The publication recently compiled a list of the 13 most beautiful Mickey D's in the world. "As one of the largest fast food chains in the world, the popular eatery has a surprisingly expansive collection of restaurants in interesting, unique, and downright extraordinary buildings," the AD report said. "Some get their beauty from ornate architectural details, others from their expressive adaptions that honor a local environment or culture — either way, the results are remarkable."

Apparently, one of the most beautiful McDonald's in the entire world is right here in Wisconsin Dells. The restaurant in question, located at 2325 Wisconsin Dells Parkway, resembles a huge log cabin on both the inside and the outside. The dining room features taxidermy animals, antler chandeliers, a wood-carved bear holding a burger and a fieldstone fireplace. The only downside: no "PlayPlace." But there is a game room. It's a perfect example of the chain "leaning into local culture" by utilizing "unique decor," according to Architectural Digest.

Other McDonald's on the list include one in Melbourne, Australia, as well as one in Debrecen, Hungary —so it's safe to say Wisconsin is in good company.

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