Wisconsin Announcer Loses It On Angry Basketball Fans: 'Do It Yourselves!'

Crowd of fans at sporting event

Photo: Getty Images

A Wisconsin announcer recently called out angry fans at a high school basketball game.

The incident happened as Germantown High School was hosting the Warhawk Invitational on Saturday and Brookfield Central was playing Cedarburg. The score was 77-76 and there were 7.7 seconds left in the game when a player grabbed the ball and tried to get off a shot at the buzzer. He was fouled, which sent the stands into an uproar.

Fans were yelling, calling the official names, and spouting obscenities before a call was even made. That's when the announcer decided he had had enough. "I would like to take this opportunity to remind all fans, and I should’ve done this a lot earlier, shut up! The WIAA is always looking for officials, and since you do such a good job from the stands, get on the floor, wear a striped shirt and do it yourselves," the announcer said. Some fans in attendance applauded the announcer, and a video of the scene has gotten over one million views on social media. Check it out below.

In the end, the player got free throws, and the opposing coach was issued a technical foul for running on the court immediately after the play.

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