A Tale of Two Approaches

GREEN BAY – Matt LaFleur sounds like he would prefer a root canal. Aaron Rodgers cannot wait to get there.

Perhaps the different approaches between coaches and players is the most stark contrast when it comes to how the Packers trip to London to play the New York Giants on Sunday plays within the walls of Lambeau Field.

When LaFleur was asked if this week was difficult for him, the fourth-year head coach deadpanned “I’m not gonna give you my honest answer. I’d rather refrain, LaFleur said with a smile, perhaps knowing how the NFL feels about coaches being critical of league directives. “It feels like a Thursday night game for coaches in terms of all the preparation you’ve got to do.

“But you just do it, so it is what it is.”

LaFleur has been on coaching staffs that have played in London before, as offensive coordinator for the Rams in 2017 and the following year in the same position with the Titans. He reports that he never left the team hotel other than for football related activities.

As for Rodgers, the senior member of the Packers locker room has traveled abroad extensively and cannot wait to soak in another culture, while recognizing LaFleur’s trepidation.

“Listen, coaches are creatures of habit even more than players,” Rodgers explained at his Lambeau Field locker on Wednesday. “Anytime there’s a minute adjustment to the schedule, it throws them ALL out of whack!”

Rodgers spent part of his offseason in Switzerland and is excited to see his teammates experience a new culture.

“We’re all excited, he continued. “I think the reason I said I wanted to go over early is just to experience a little bit of that culture.”

Radio coverage on Sunday begins at 4:00 AM (CT) with Packers Preview. Kickoff is at 8:30 AM (CT) on 97.3 The Game.

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