2 Pros and a Cup of Joe Encourage Producer to Skip Daughter's Tee-Ball Game

An unidentified tee ball player of the South Berke

Photo: Getty Images

Today on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, LaVar Arrington and Brady Quinn encourage their Technical Producer and Dodgers Diehard, Roberto Flores, to skip his daughter's tee-ball game so that he can watch Game 5 between the Dodgers and Giants. Parental priorities are tested in elimination situations.

Jonas Knox: "There's a lot of people out there thinking that is so inappropriate and there's a lot people saying, 'You go Roberto, do exactly what they say. This is a big time game. Can't lose to the Giants in an elimination game!'"
LaVar Arrington: "You don't have to feel bad about being a dope parent if you stay true to who you are in moments like these. How can you tell your kid to be a diehard fan of the team you want them to be when you're part-timing it and fair weathering it?"
Brady Quinn: "You guys are awful."

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