Kevin Durant Has To Be Livid At Kyrie Irving

Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers

Photo: Getty Images North America

Dan Patrick: "I applaud the Nets for eventually drawing the line, just to say 'look, if you don't want to do it, then just don't do it - but we've gotta move forward.' But I do know, behind the scenes, KD is livid. He is livid. He would have no problems if the Nets tried to trade Kyrie Irving. I do think that James Harden is somebody that the Sixers are still gonna try to go after, I do know Daryl Morey loves him. Everybody keeps thinking, 'hey, we're gonna trade you Ben Simmons for Kyrie Irving!' If I'm Philadelphia - I DON'T WANT KYRIE IRVING!"

After the Brooklyn Nets made it clear that they'd not allow Kyrie Irving to participate in team activies without the vaccine, Dan Patrick applauds the team for drawing a line, but explains that it must be making the Nets star player, SF Kevin Durant, extremely unhappy that Kyrie Irving could be preventing the Nets from winning a title in a year where the field seems so wide open.

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