Brady and LaVar Give First Accounts on the Injuries in Iowa vs Penn State

Penn State v Iowa

Photo: Getty Images

Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz says fans "smelled a rat" when booing injured Penn State players during the game on Saturday. LaVar Arrington and Brady Quinn give Jonas Knox their first hand accounts from the sideline of that game.

LaVar Arrington: "There's no justification for his comments. I was on the field. Let's just be clear here, that was a physical ass game. They had guys going down too."
Brady Quinn: "What he's alluding to did seem to be a little bit legitimate at the end of the game... Look it happens in football. I honestly don't care if it is a strategy because you don't know if a player is cramping up or needs a moment. There's not much you can do about it."
LaVar Arrington: "You complain if you have an uptempo offense but Iowa was not rushing to the ball."
Jonas Knox: "This is why I call Kirk Ferentz a blowhard. He goes, 'We don't coach that in our program.' Hey listen coach, if we want to go back a few months ago and look into what happened at your program, we can have that conversation all day because it wasn't too squeaky clean all that long ago."

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