Here's How MLB Will Punish Pitchers For Using 'Sticky Stuff' on the Mound

Major League Baseball will suspend pitchers for 10 days if they are caught using "any foreign substance," according to ESPN's Jeff Passan

MLB is expected to distribute a memo to teams detailing its new policy on Tuesday, per Passan. Widely-used substances such as sunscreen will now be banned, as will spider tack a now-popular grip substance.

The use of different substances to affect a baseball's movement is a decades-long practice and has come under greater scrutiny as of late. More advanced grip enhancers such as Spider Tack have led to a spike in spin rate on various pitches, helping contribute to the league-wide offense shortage.

Numerous notable pitchers have been involved in MLB's doctoring scandal including Yankees ace Gerrit Cole, Cardinals veteran Adam Wainwright. Wainwright responded to a Sports Illustrated report on pitch doctoring, noting the substances he used "didn't work for me."

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