The Oakland A’s At The 1975 All-Star Game Was the Biggest Uniform Flex Ever

I'm not one to watch old sporting events on TV, but last night I stumbled on to the 1975 All-Star Game from County Stadium and it was magnificent. As I watched the introductions I came to the conclusion that we need to go back to All-Stars wearing their own team uniform and not an "All-Star" uniform. All because the Oakland A's pulled out four different uniform combinations, worn at the same time, in the same game with WHITE FREAKING SHOES! Easily the greatest uniform flex in the history of sports. Stand down Phil Knight and the University of Oregon, the A's beat you to the punch by 25 years.

Oakland A's 1975 All-Star Game Uniforms

Here are just a few more of my other observations from the game:

  • If you only watched the introduction of the starting lineup you would have thought the entire NL team was comprised of Reds, Dodgers and Cardinals.
  • They played the game as if it was a World Series Game 7. No lolly-gagging around as proven by Johnny Bench's snap throw to first to pick off Bert Campaneris. They even called a f*cking balk for god's sake.
  • HOF discussion aside, Pete Rose is El Hombre. He started the game in right field. Got a hit from either side of the plate. Tried to make it to third on a short fly ball to CF while losing his helmet rounding second. Then moved to left field and layed flat out out to steal a base hit.
  • Stirrups with sanitaries underneath are the GOAT of baseball socks and long pants must be banned from the game ad infinitum.
  • The trio of Curt Gowdy, Joe Garagiola and Tony Kubek was one of the greatest 3 man booth combinations of all-time. Garagiola predicting the "no windup" delivery was the future of pitching was epic.
  • The Fan-O-Gram on the old Country Stadium scoreboard, resplendent with hyphens and burned out light bulbs is one of the coolest things ever.
  • Congress needs to pass a law prohibiting the Yankees and the Dodgers from ever changing their uniform design.
  • I miss Joe Morgan's elbow snap.
  • Lou Brock stealing third feet first and popping up was ballet worthy.
  • They choked up on the bat and almost no one needed batting gloves. Pine tar is all they needed.
  • What happened to the great nicknames like "The Penguin" and the "Toy Cannon"?
  • I had forgotten Marlboro Country was actually at Country Stadium.
  • It's time to put player numbers on pants, ala the Houston Astros.
  • Don Sutton's perm was glorious. Ron Cey's porn mustache was sublime.
  • Jim Kaat's change up may be the filthiest pitch ever thrown in the history of the game.
  • As a part of their next labor agreement, umpires must demand the return of the burgundy sport coat and tie for the behind the plate ump.
  • How on earth were we ever amazed with the broadcast graphics.

and last but not least, Hank Aaron's 1 minute + standing ovation was about 2 minutes too short.

Call me old. Disregard me with an "Ok, Boomer", but if Fox Sports Wisconsin runs this game again and you don't record it you're an idiot. Mark my words, you will never see this quality of baseball in an All-Star Game ever again. Ever.

PHOTO: Fox Sports Wisconsin & Major League Baseball

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