Olivia Munn Trips And F Bombs And Looks Absolutely Amazing While Doing It

Not that I really care about Aaron Rodgers' girlfriend choices, but I've always been Team Olivia. I'm not going to go into my reasons other than I believe there is a direct correlation between the decline in QB1's play and Danica asking for her own room in the house to make Dreamcatchers. Coincidence. Not in my world.

But why Team Olivia? Well, this IG post says it all. Take a quick look and I'll break it down for you.

Let's break it down

  1. Body: The stomach is flat, but not overly muscular. Breasts appear natural and perfectly proportioned.
  2. Swimsuit: Sexy, but not slutty. French cut bottom very stylish. Angled stripes lead the eye to the nippular area but "the turkey's not done" yet. Wholesome. Not whorish.
  3. Hair: The slight breeze blowing her dark hair ever so gently is a very nice touch. Did they use a fan? Who cares.
  4. Location: Waterfalls will always raise a chick's hotness level by at least a half grade.
  5. Peace Sign: says laid back and she probably won't be pissed if you chomp down an edible and listen to the Grateful Dead channel on SiriusXM.
  6. Clumsiness: Almost falls ass over tea kettle and still posts the video. I guarantee Danica would delete it and shoot it again. Not Olivia. What you see is what you get. Clumsiness and all.

But what puts it over the top for me happens at the very end. Pay attention closely as she falls backward and either stubs her toe or steps on something sharp. She immediately reaches for her foot and let's out the silent F Bomb. That's the kind of girl you marry. Great looking, not phony and has a with a mouth like a sailor. I bet she shoots whiskey, not Rumchata. Probably shoots pool and owns her own cue. Nothing fake. Just 100% cool chick.

So who do you pick? The clumsy, hot pool player who shoots whiskey or the Anna Kournikova of the auto racing world who whines until she gets a dreamcatcher room?

#TeamOlivia. Enough said.

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