Ron Jeremy In A COVID Mask Makes Finding A Vaccine That Much More Urgent

Ron Jeremy In Court

Legendary pornographic film actor Ron Jeremy appeared in court earlier this week. I I think we all knew the guy was a slimy, disgusting sleaze ball, but this photo of him in court wearing a COVID mask is the most horrific thing I have seen since accidentally watching someone eat the brains out of a live monkey in Faces of Death when I was in high school. This photo would make even Anthony Hopkins squirm.

I will say this much, the man in the photo is not the Ron Jeremy of my teenage, self-discovery years. He is not the Ron Jeremy who starred in classic porno films such as "Super Hornio Brothers", "The One-Eyed Monster" and "Invasion of the Fishf*****s". This is a Ron Jeremy who can never be unseen and needs to be sent away for life so our eyes may not gaze upon him ever again.

Therefore, I recommend this photo of RJ be framed and put on the desk of every scientist and medical researcher working on developing a COVID-19 vaccine to serve as a reminder that they must work tirelessly until they have succeeded. The sooner we get a vaccine, the sooner we can ditch the masks. And the sooner we ditch the masks, the sooner disturbing images like this will never emerge again. We owe it not only to the people who have fallen victim to this dreaded virus, but to ourselves and the rest of humanity as well.

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