KB Debuts His Original Song "Soldier" For Dan & Patrick Of Guitars 4 Vets

Over the years I've recorded several original pieces of music but very few have ever seen the light of day. However, during our 21 Guitar Salute, I had the honor of sharing a demo recording of a song of mine called "Soldier" with Dan Van Buskirk and Patrick Nettesheim, founders of Guitars for Vets. The song was written about 15 years ago in response to a people who were blaming our military members for their participation in the Iraq War. I found the criticism to be not only misdirected but very unfair to the people who chose to serve this country because they believed it was their honor, duty and responsibility. Having never been in the military I knew I couldn't write from a first hand perspective so the lyrics are built around a series of questions I had running around my brain.

I don't like to share my music out of fear for undo criticism. However, in this case for this cause I felt it was important to do so. I hope you will enjoy not only the music but the message it delivers.