Dario's treehouse is only halfway done and he's already bragging

Well as you know our own Dario Melendez loves himself some Dario Melendez. The guy would give himself a trophy for making his bed. But I will say I think he deserves some credit for the home projects he has been deciding to take on during the quarantine. Now, we all know at this point about the fire pit that he likes to brag endlessly about. He is really proud of this fire pit he constructed in the back yard. I will say, he did a pretty good job and it looks fine. However, it's not the most challenging of home projects to do, I don't think his level of preening and peacocking warrants what was actually done - but let's give him credit. To this point nothing has burned down.

Credit: Dario Melendez

Credit: Dario Melendez

This next one as me worried though that maybe he bit off more than he can chew. When he texted me to tell me he was building a treehouse I got nervous. I'm not gonna lie, I got REAL nervous. Like that stomach drop feeling when you know Giannis got his fifth foul, or when Aaron doesn't get up for a second off the turf, or when Eric Gagne used to come in the game. That sort of thing. A treehouse? I mean maybe he could pull it off, but the consequences to building it wrong are HUGE. You can't mess something like this up bro, and Dario is the type to get carried away and try to put running water in it or something. Well I figured it would be just a few boards leaning up against the tree, But I will be damned if it doesn't look good so far. I mean he has windows and everything, this looks like the boujee-est treehouse i've ever seen. However, only half of this thing is up so far and he's already bragging. SLOW YOUR ROLL BRO. It's not finished yet.

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