Matthew Stafford Is Selling Armen's Dream House For A Cool 6.5 Million

If you wanted to know what a truly sick house looks like, check out this sprawling 12,295 square foot behemoth that Matthew Stafford and his wife are selling. To end all speculation that surely would abound, Matthew's wife Kelly already put any rumors to rest with an Instagram video on her page saying that they just wanted to move to a place that didn't have a lot of water as they have 4 very young children.

The house is incredible, without a doubt. More importantly, it's perfect for me. I mean I think this is the right time to buy, and i'm definitely in the market for a house in this price range and location. Considering where I work, the commute would only be like, 13 hours round trip and i've definitely got that kind of coin! Let's take a closer look at this thing. Who hasn't always dreamed of having an infinity pool in suburban Detroit? Very practical. That's a lot of lawn to cut though, i'm sure ol' Matt takes care of that himself. And i've always wanted a front entrance way that looks like a real estate office building. Or would that be a boujee dentists office? Either way i'm not cleaning those glass doors. I am pretty excited about the desk next to the oven though. I always get my best work done when I can feel the searing heat and smell from the pot roast I just made. How much glass and fake stone structures does one person need? Why is there a bathtub in the middle of the bathroom? Who fits in that thing? I do like that huge closet though. Hey check out Stafford's moccasins! An indoor court...kinda cool except I would have to paint a Bucks logo there...wait it's not even big enough to shoot a corner three? What's the point? Pretty sick wine cellar I guess....if you are running a restaurant.

Now that I think about it, I actually don't like this house at all, the inside is pretty garish and I find it pretty impractical. I think i'll save my money.

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