Georgia Athletic Director Anticipating Playoff Expansion

Georgia Athletic Director Anticipating Playoff Expansion

The UGA Bulldogs football team is not backing down from any challenges in the next decade. This year they will host Notre Dame, and they will play Virginia in Atlanta in 2020. Beginning in 2022 the Dawgs will really start to gear up for major non-conference competition as they take on: Oregon, Oklahoma, Clemson, UCLA, FSU, and Texas over the course of several years. In 2029 UGA will face both Clemson and Texas.


In an interview with Jenni Carlson of The Oklahoman, Georgia AD Greg McGarity says they will look to play more games against tougher opponents as he anticipates the CFB Playoff to expand from four teams to eight.

“A couple years, we’re playing 11 out of 12,” McGarity said via The Oklahoman. “We’re kind of anticipating the growth from four to eight.”

He also says fans don't want to see "guarantee games", but that those games are essential to a team's season because no one wants to play a Power 5 team every single week. McGarity wants to make regular season games between "iconic brands" more common. One could assume that if he's thinking along these lines, other AD's at power 5 schools likely are as well, so we should be seeing more of these powerhouse match-ups in years to come.


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